About Us

IProtect was established in 2010, specifically to provide “Results Orientated, Competitively Priced” GLOBAL RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES within the Middle East, Africa, Levant, Asia, Europe & Americas. Over the last 10 years of its successful existence, IProtect has carved out a “service provider of choice” niche for itself. Starting its operations in the UAE in Jan 2010 with a small investigation, it now boasts of multinational operations, a vast portfolio of international & local clients and a large bouquet of service offerings which help mitigate business & personal risks, enforces IP Rights & provides a wide range of risk management services to the clients.




Due Diligence


IPR Enforcement


World Wide Network


Insurance Fraud Investigations

Owner’s Profile

Veteran of the Indian Air Force

Ravi K Goel is a veteran of the Indian Air Force, having worked as a logistics Officer for more than a decade. After moving to UAE in 2002, he started working in the IP Rights Enforcement Industry where he managed a diverse range of MNC clients, helping them protect their Copyrights & Trademarks in the Middle Eastern region. In Jan 2010, Ravi while launching his own operations, pioneered a “low cost, result orientated” pricing strategy which has now become the benchmark in the industry & has been very successful with the clients. Through sheer hard work Ravi has established a strong industry network i.e. Law enforcement, Law Firms, Service Providers and the Clients, both Local & International. For anyone who has worked with Ravi in the past, he is their “go to” man in the region.

Besides work, Ravi is a fitness enthusiast, voracious reader & a movie buff. His favorite pastimes are Crosswords, Sudoku, Game Puzzles, reading books on Military History, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoirs/Autobiographies & Old Hindi Music.

Our Team

Within the UAE our staff consists of a small team of dedicated professionals who have been in this profile for the last 6-16 years. They know their job well, deliver ‘on time’, have extensively developed informant networks, aware of systems & work within the legal framework of the countries they operate in. Our core capability is ‘Investigations’ which forms the basis of a good service delivery. It enables our clients to make informed decisions & significantly reduces their exposure to business & personal risks throughout the targeted territory. Outside of UAE we have engaged strong local business associates who provide the entire range of our services on pre-agreed terms.


IProtect provides the following services:

Financial Fraud

  • Credit Cards Pre-Issue Verification
  • Loans
  • Insurance Claims & Fraud
  • Banking Due Diligence

IP Rights

  • Core Investigations
  • End To End Enforcement
  • IP Surveys
  • Test Purchases/Mystery Shopping
  • Retail Audit
  • Supply Chain Verification/Warehouse Identification
  • Online Piracy
  • Compliance Auditing

Corporate Risks

  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Business Verification / Trade License Checks
  • Site Visits
  • Asset Protection
  • Loss Prevention


Tracking Online Crime

Identity theft, Stalking & Harassment, Extortion, Abuse, Social Media trolls, Phishing & Fraudulent Transactions, Tracking cyber attackers & criminals

Cyber Security & Digital Forensics

IP Addresses, Websites, Emails,,TrackingReputation Management, Insider Attacks

Online Reputatation Management

Personal Risk

  • Individual Due Diligence
  • Background Checks
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Employment History
  • Litigation History
  • Migration History
  • Drug Abuse
  • Skip Trace
  • Asset Trace


  • Executive Protection
  • Security Trained Drivers
  • Surveillance – Static & Mobile
  • Security Audits

Learning Development

  • IP Product Training for Law Enforcement Agents, Customs Agents
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Soft Skills
  • Voice & Accent
  • Customer Service

Why US

IProtect is a "one stop' solution for all your risks

Professional & Experienced
Multinational Staff

Our staff is drawn from various nationalities who have served in militaries or law enforcement in their respective countries

Trusted by MNC Clients &
Partners for Quality Service

We provide unmatched service delivery & an unparalleled customer experience

On Time Delivery,
Attention to Details

We are a stickler for timelines without missing out on minutest of details

Clear & Concise

We firmly believe in lucidity of our communication with all the stake holders

Provider of Choice
Since 2010

We receive most of our work through "word of mouth" publicity done by satisfied clients

Continually Looking
to Improve

We do not sit on our past achievements & continually like to challenge ourselves