Since its establishment in 2010, IProtect has emerged as a leading provider of risk management services, globally to local & international clients, law firms & the industry leaders across domains, namely:

  • Corporate Due Diligence

    IProtect assists its client in determining the health of a target company i.e. its structure, establishment, owners, partners, shareholding, listed activities, reputation, litigation history, finances.

  • Business Verification

    Trade/Commercial Licenses, ownership, physical addresses, site visit

  • Asset Protection

    IProtect provides armed/unarmed uniformed security guards which help in protecting client assets. Surveillance & training services are also provided

  • Loss Prevention

    IProtect assists retailers in prevention of loss of inventory &/or monies through policy formulations and implementation.

  • Market Surveys

    IProtect has increasingly been approached to facilitate market surveys across industries – app downloads, product entry into multiple markets, 4PL abilities etc