Since its establishment in 2010, IProtect has emerged as a leading provider of risk management services, globally to local & international clients, law firms & the industry leaders across domains, namely:

  • Personal Due Diligence

    IProtect assists its client in determining the complete background of a subject i.e. his origin, personal details, education history, past employment/business activities, directorships, visa & immigration statuses, travel information, personal finances, litigation history, media imprints etc

  • Background checks

    Customized BGC’s in respect of future business partners, franchisees & business ownership, shareholding / directorships, media searches

  • Pre-Employment Screening

    Our clients routinely task us for conducting background checks in respect of new employees / applicant candidates for various positions within their corporate set up. Once tasked we meet with all the provided references as also gather information from other sources of information at the applicant's prior work places. Resume Screening, past employment history, reference checks, previous staff interviews, media searches, financial probity, general reputation, dependability, conflict of interests, Drug abuse are some of the check carried out during PES

  • Marital Checks

    IProtect has been assisting anxious parents of prospective brides in determining the overall financial, mental, behavioral & moral health of prospective grooms by obtaining records of their earnings, employment, assets & their suitability for marriage. Similarly IProtect also secures evidence about estranged couples who are seeking to annul their marriage.

  • Skip Trace

    IProtect assists a number of travel agencies & company owners who wish to trace absconders / visitors who go missing upon completion of visa tenures.

  • Asset Trace

    Increasingly IProtect is being asked to trace global assets of financial fugitives, money launderers & their ilk. Our well connected network is able to trace every single penny that the subject has hidden/invested through layers of offshore/onshore companies. We are able to trace the monies sitting in unnamed bank accounts in offshore heavens.